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Our services

In this fast pacing life, it gets tough to find time even for the regular day tasks. All the home chores take time and need to be done on a daily basis. In fact, if is tough even if you are a multitasking person, and with the load of office, it gets tougher only. In such situations, you need a reliable assistance to take care of your work and time. Vogue Cleaners does the same for you. It is a place where you can bring all your cleanings and get them cleaned. We render help you in getting your wedding gowns, uniforms, household items, and other stuff cleaned.

Vogue Cleaners offers laundry, dry cleaning, uniform cleaning, and alteration services at the comfort of your home. You can avail our services by just placing online demand for laundry cleaning or the other services we offer. Otherwise, you can also call us collect your dirty fabrics, get them cleaned, and delivered back to you. We offer flexible services to our customers, means you can choose for quick services on priority basis, choose regular or premium plan, decide the frequency how often you want us to pick your laundry in a week or months. You can opt out any of our plan as per your convenience or customize the one you need.

If you are sick of washing your laundry, need dry-cleaning services, and alteration services, hire our professional technicians to do it for you and simplify your cleanings cleaning problems. We are here to make your life easy and to help you in finding more time for yourself. We have trained professionals who are well known to the latest fabric handling technologies to take care of your delicate stuff. Our experts segregate the laundry according to its fabrics, size, and color to wash it. If any of your wearing has tough stains and need to be cleaned, handover it to our pickup boy and get it cleaned on time.

You rest assured about the quality of services at Vogue cleaners. We have trained and experienced professional, all machines and equipments, and technology experts to take care of your delicate fabrics and give its rich look back. High service quality standard and on-time delivery is our prime concern and each piece of your laundry is delivered you after checking if it’s cleaned properly or not. We render services like wedding gowns cleaning, lunar bedding cleaning, cleaning of household items, dry cleaning of the cleanings as per the fabric, iron the cleanings, garments alteration services, etc. We pick and deliver your clothes and other services stuff at your doorstep.

Our Features

We provide green, natural, eco-friendly & organic dry cleaning services to protect our customers health and surrounding environment. We avoid perc, hydrocarbons and silicone based solvent to clean our customers cleaning.

You have to just drop your dirty clothes at Vogue Cleaners and sit relax at your home, our professionals wash your clothes organically and fold properly before ready to pickup. No extra cost need to pay for fold their clothes.

We provide dedicated bag, shoe repairs and shines services as per our customer requirement. At Vogue Cleaners we have a team of experts to deliver beyond the excellence bag and shoe alteration services.

Vogue Cleaners offers discount on bulk and package laundry & dry cleaner services. To get benefit our package delivery services register yourself as a premium member. We provide home pickup and delivery services for our registered users.